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Look: Nebraska Has New Turf Inside Memorial Stadium

Nebraska football fans forming into a sign that says "thanks Tom" to Tom Osborne.

LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 17: Inside the expanding Memorial Stadium, Husker football and it's fans pay tribute to retiring Athletic Director and former coach Tom Osborne before their game against Minnesota Golden Gophers at Memorial Stadium on November 17, 2012 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska won 38-14. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

Hopefully you aren't too attached to the old turf at Nebraska's Memorial Stadium. Because that old turf isn't attached to the field anymore.

The Cornhuskers have finished installing the new turf at their iconic stadium. Their spring practice wound up being the final game played on the turf.

HuskerOnline reporter Sean Callahan was among the first to reveal the new carpeting at Memorial Stadium. And it is a sight to see.

Gone is the light-to-dark tone shifting color scheme at Memorial Stadium that would alternate every five yards. The new turf has a single tone, which leans into a darker shade of green.

More notable might be the big, red letter "N" at the center that has been a hallmark of the stadium. It's now a little more vibrant and pops more than it used to.

Take a look:

Nebraska fans appear to be a little mixed on the new turf. Some love it, some lament the loss of the old turf while others wonder why they can't just use natural grass:

"Looks good..but still prefer red background in end zones with white lettering," one fan replied.

"Nice not having the two different grass tones anymore," wrote another.

"Like the overall look, but the two tone grass was helpful to gauge distance when watching from the end zone," a third fan wrote.

The most important part of the Memorial Stadium field is going to be winning on it though.

Will Nebraska enjoy more wins on the new turf in 2022?