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Sam Foltz Remembered By Nebraska Coach Mike Riley

Today was the funeral of Nebraska punter Sam Foltz, who tragically passed away in a car crash last weekend at the age of 22. Foltz's head coach Mike Riley was one of many who made the trip from Lincoln to Grand Island, Neb. for the somber occasion.

After the service, Riley spoke with Husker Online publisher Sean Callahan. Riley recapped the "heartbreaking" week and touched upon what Foltz meant to those who knew him.

According to Callahan, seven buses full of University of Nebraska people traveled from Lincoln to pay their respects. Riley discussed the tremendous turnout.

"I told my wife when we were getting on the bus there [in Lincoln] that this was an amazing sight," he said. "Kind of just a show of everything. Love, support, caring. It's just sad."

Riley also touched on keeping Foltz's memory alive this season and beyond.

"We'll have I think many reminders of Sam through the year. Whether it's what we do with something on the helmet or our coaching hats or maintaining his locker. But what I hope our team takes is Sam's love for what he did. That's really what stands out to me [about him]. If I could have anything passed on from Sam to all of us in what we do, it's the passion for how he did it and how much fun he had."

As painful as it must have been for Riley to speak, he did a tremendous job paying tribute to Foltz. The entire podcast by Callahan is well-done and worth a listen. You can access it by clicking here or listening below.

Mike Riley remembers Sam Foltz.

Several other Nebraska players chimed in and paid their respects to Foltz on social media throughout the day.

">July 30, 2016

">July 30, 2016

It's difficult to imagine the pain the Foltz family and the entire Nebraska community is feeling at this time. Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to them.