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Nebraska Assistant Coach Diagnosed With Throat Cancer

Nebraska's players take the field.

LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMBER 08: Head coach Scott Frost of the Nebraska Cornhuskers leads the team on the field before the game against the Colorado Buffaloes at Memorial Stadium on September 8, 2018 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

Nebraska football is on the rise again, but unfortunate news struck the program this week. During a radio show appearance on Wednesday, Scott Frost revealed that outside linebackers coach and special teams coordinator Jovan Dewitt is battling throat cancer.

Dewitt is unable to fully participate for spring practice this year due to his health concerns. However, the Cornhuskers are ready to rally around their coach until he is back to full strength.

The good news is that doctors are optimistic about Dewitt and his potential progression. While it'll certainly be the toughest battle he will face, Dewitt has a great chance of his cancer being cured.

Frost gave additional information on his assistant coach during his interview.

From the Lincoln Journal Star

"He's an important part of what we're doing and an important part of what we've done and he's fighting the fight right now," Frost said. "The diagnosis is pretty good. It's a high percent chance that it's a curable type of cancer and he's going through the necessary things to try to win it.

"He's got all of us behind him, so we're rooting for him and we're going to get by without him. I know he's going to want to be out there doing everything with the team that he can, but he's got more important things on his plate right now."

Obviously Dewitt is going to miss time, which means other defensive assistants will have to shoulder a larger workload.

Hopefully Dewitt can win his battle with cancer and return to the sidelines as soon as possible.