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Nebraska Chancellor Addresses Rumor About Football Season

View of the Nebraska Cornhuskers fans.

LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMPER 6: The Nebraska Cornhuskers play the McNeese State Cowboys at Memorial Stadium on September 6, 2014 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska defeated McNeese State 31-24. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

It's been a hectic week for fans of Big Ten football to say the least. Even though Kevin Warren has said the conference won't revisit its original decision to postpone the 2020 season, there have been rumblings about a six-team, 10-game season.

Ohio State insider Jeff Snook said that Gene Smith and other Big Ten athletic directors are working behind the scenes to find a way to play football this fall. He mentioned the following schools in the Big Ten: Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio State and Penn State.

Cornhuskers fans were thrilled to see this report from Snook, but unfortunately it sounds like the school hasn't discussed the possibility of a shortened season.

Nebraska chancellor Ronnie D. Green was asked about a scenario where a group of Big Ten teams could play this fall without the rest of the field. His response was telling, as he said "That would be news to me."

Either this is truly news to Green, or he's doing a great job keeping his cards close to the vest.

The Cornhuskers originally tried to play a season this fall despite the Big Ten's decision to postpone the season. Eventually the school changed its mind, saying "The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a fully committed member of the Big Ten Conference."

Do you think some teams in the Big Ten will attempt to play football this fall?