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Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman Sends Out A 'YOLO' Tweet To His Doubters Regarding Bret Bielema

Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman addressed on Thursday the report that claimed the Huskers offered Bret Bielema their head coaching position, prior to hiring Mike Riley. 

"No other coach was offered the job. There is absolutely no truth to any rumor or speculation to the contrary," Perlman said

That quote apparently wasn't enough, though, as Perlman doubled down on that statement Friday afternoon with this tweet: 

">December 5, 2014

Was that a shot at Bielema? It kind of seems like it. But, more likely, it's probably just be Perlman using Bielema's situation to make the point that you don't hire a coach who has only been at his current school for a season or two. 

And, yes, that is Perlman's official Twitter account, according to Nebraska's website