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Nebraska Coach Tim Miles: "Calipari Complaining About His Team Makes Me Laugh"

He's not alone.

One of the most fun college basketball coaches in the country that doesn't get enough attention is Nebraska's Tim Miles. The Cornhhuskers' coach is very open and candid, and has a pretty great sense of humor too. Today, Miles did an interview with the Big Ten Network's Mike Hall for the network's program BTNLive. The pair talked about a number of topics, and Hall asked some fun questions, one of which was "what coach makes you laugh the most?"

Miles' answer was fantastic:

Of course, Miles isn't the first coach to mock Calipari's whining, and it was all in good fun.Many coaches don't like to hear the Kentucky head man complain about having to deal with all of his young, insanely-talented players. Miles in particular, I'm sure, would gladly love to coach up the talent at Calipari's disposal. Nebraska is currently 8-6 on the year and 0-2 in the Big Ten, so the Huskers could probably use a few extra talented players.

To catch the entire interview with Tim Miles, you can tune in to the Big Ten Network this evening:

You won't want to miss it.