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Nebraska Fan Posts 'Help Wanted' Ad On Craigslist For A Whole New Football Coaching Staff

Help wanted.

Bo Pelini has done a very solid job as the head coach at Nebraska, but he currently isn't held in the highest esteem by Cornhuskers fans. This weekend, Nebraska got trounced by UCLA despite getting out to a substantial early lead, which understandably drew the ire of the crowd. Then, Pelini came under fire when Deadspin released audio of a verbal tirade of Bo's earlier in his Nebraska career where he could be heard saying "f*** the fans" on multiple occasions.

One fan decided that enough is enough, and he's ready for a new regime -- he took to Craigslist with a 'Help Wanted' ad for a whole new coaching staff. Take a look:

I'm sure Texas and USC fans may have some suggestions for possible candidates.

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