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Nebraska Fans Getting Praised For How They Handled Blowout Loss

View of the Nebraska Cornhuskers fans.

LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMPER 6: The Nebraska Cornhuskers play the McNeese State Cowboys at Memorial Stadium on September 6, 2014 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska defeated McNeese State 31-24. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

Nebraska has looked like it doesn't even belong on the same field as Ohio State for much of tonight's game. The Buckeyes are dominating the Cornhuskers in every facet of the contest.

Despite the team's poor performance, Cornhuskers fans aren't going anywhere. They're staying in their seats, cheering on their team and trying to provide extra motivation with a bit of noise. Pretty remarkable considering the current climate of college football seeing that most fans leave amidst a blowout game.

Most national analysts are taking to Twitter to trash Nebraska's team performance. But one college football reporter admires Nebraska's fans.

It's tough to support a team when they're getting blown out — especially when it's at the team's home field. But Nebraska fans aren't going anywhere.

Cornhuskers fans have always been one of the best fan-bases in college football. There's been 370 straight Memorial Stadium sellouts — a sellout streak which isn't going to end anytime soon. Not to mention, no team will or has come close to a similar home sellout streak.

Pretty cool to see such dedicated fans. As has grown common throughout college football, less and less fans are attending games each new season. But Nebraska fans take the every opportunity they can to watch their team.

Hopefully, the Cornhuskers can bounce back this season after an embarrassing defeat.