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Paul Finebaum Rips 'Crybaby' Nebraska Over Yesterday's Scheduling News

Paul Finebaum explains why Clemson will lose on First Take. He believes Big Ten football teams will compete for the College Football Playoff in 2017.


The COVID-19 outbreak at Wisconsin caused Nebraska football to lose its game against the Badgers this weekend. The Huskers tried to replace the game with a non-conference opponent, to no avail.

Nebraska wanted to face UT-Chattanooga this weekend. The two teams approached a deal, but instead the Big Ten voted against allowing the Huskers to play a team outside of the conference. The league is currently playing a very tight, eight game conference-only schedule this year. Because of the scheduling crunch, canceled Big Ten games will not be made up.

“We believe the flexibility to play non-conference games could have been beneficial not only for Nebraska, but other Big Ten teams who may be in a similar position as the season progresses," athletic director Bill Moos said in a statement after the Big Ten's decision. "The ability for all Big Ten members to play a non-conference game if needed could provide another data point for possible College Football Playoff and bowl consideration.”

ESPN's Paul Finebaum thought that College Football Playoff bit was particularly galling. He laid into Nebraska football on Get Up this morning, calling the program the Big Ten's biggest "crybaby."

"Nebraska is a total embarrassment these days, Greeny," Finebaum told Get Up host Mike Greenberg. "I don't even know where to begin other than to say they've been in the Big Ten for 10 years and the only major championship they've won is the league's biggest crybaby. "And the athletic director, in trying to defend playing Chattanooga said, 'Well, it could be an important data point for the CFP.' Nebraska in the CFP? I've got a better chance of winning the country's most sexiest man than Nebraska has of going to the CFP this year." Nebraska was one of the programs that most aggressively pushed for a return to play. Now, as one of their games has been stripped away, Finebaum doesn't appreciate the program "going rogue" again, especially given their struggles as members of the league.

"Greeny, after all the delays and restarts, the Big Ten came up with a specific season. 'We're playing each other, we're not playing Chattanooga.' So why Nebraska wants to go rogue... Remember, Nebraska used to be in the Big 12. They thought they were too good for that and joined the Big Ten. They ought to get out of the Big Ten and find some place that they can rule the roost, because they don't belong in the Big Ten any longer."

Paul Finebaum doesn't have great things to say about the Big Ten's handling of things either. Just yesterday, he took a big swipe at the league for waiting so long to restart that it couldn't build byes into the schedule, and mandating a 21-day quarantine player for those who test positive, well above the CDC guidelines that other leagues are using. "There’s no room for error, and the Big Ten has already shot itself in the foot because Wisconsin will have a very difficult time getting to the Big Ten Championship Game now because of this,” he said earlier this week. [

Nebraska asked the Big Ten Conference to play Chattanooga after their game against Wisconsin was cancelled. @paul.finebaum went OFF 😳

"Nebraska is a total embarrassment these days!"

— Get Up (@GetUpESPN) October 30, 2020

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