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Nebraska Football Coach Bo Pelini Unhappy With Referees In Cornhuskers' NCAA Game

In Nebraska's first NCAA Tournament game in 16 years, the Cornhuskers are having a number of problems. First and foremost, they can't hit a shot - Nebraska began the game just 4-of-21 (19%) from the field against Baylor. Second, they've been getting some tough calls (12 fouls called against already) from the referees. Apparently head football coach Bo Pelini has even noticed. He took to Twitter to poke fun at the officials calling the contest.

">March 21, 2014

To answer his question - we're actually not sure. If he went really overboard, you could see the NCAA taking action. But he's obviously just being facetious. 

All kidding aside, the Cornhuskers have some work to do if they want to stick around for the weekend - they trail the Bears by double digits late in the first half.