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Ticket Prices For Nebraska's Sold Out Spring Game Are Ridiculous

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Spring games aren't always very exciting, but Nebraska fans really want to see Scott Frost's team scrimmage in April.

Nebraska is often among the top fan bases in terms of spring game turnout. With Scott Frost taking over, Husker fans are at a fever pitch.

On Wednesday, the program sold out tickets to the April 21 spring game. Most tickets retailed at $10 each.

Most schools don't nearly fill their stadiums for their events. And many of those have free admittance for the spring game.

At Nebraska, there's a full secondary market for tickets. And many of them are way marked up compared to the retail price.

As of this writing, it costs $35 to get in the door for the 2018 Red/White Spring Game. With fees, the cheapest ticket is $44.49.

That's what it costs for upper deck seats. For something closer to the field on the sideline, almost every ticket is easily over $100 with fees.

The "best seats," at least as determined by StubHub, are soaring even past that. 1011 Now's Dan Corey grabbed this screenshot on Wednesday.

It looks like things at the top end have come down, if slightly, from Wednesday. Right now, the most expensive ticket I can find is going for $602.50 with fees.

This is an issue, in part, because season ticket holders were able to buy 20 tickets a piece, which helped facilitate the sell-out, and means many others are scrambling. One fan went on a pretty passionate rant about it on Wednesday.

“Screw you University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Huskers and Nebraska Football!! This would have been our 10th year taking our kids to the spring game and I can’t get tickets because you worship the ground the season ticket holders walk on and allow them early access at 20 tickets per household and guess what?

THOUSANDS of tickets end up price gouged on stub hub for an insane price and that isn’t even the free youth tickets! Some of us can’t afford season tickets and some of us can’t afford to pay stub hub, gouged prices for our CHILDREN to attend a SCRIMMAGE! The Spring game is the one opportunity for countless families to take their children to experience the greatness of Husker Nation and you’ve taken that away from a whole lot of fans and future fans. Screw you, Nebraska, screw you.”

It's definitely a concern, as many families will use the spring game as an opportunity to get to the stadium when regular season games are too expensive. That could very well be the case for many, with an exciting new head coach in Lincoln.