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Nebraska TV Station Releases Ridiculous "Frosty The Coach Man" Song

Frosty the coach man is a thing.

Nebraska didn't qualify for a bowl game in 2018, but Cornhuskers fans are still satisfied with the job that head coach Scott Frost did with the team. Nebraska started the season 0-6, but finished 4-2 down the stretch.

One television station out in Nebraska - KETV in Omaha - decided to celebrate Frost's first campaign in an interesting way. The network's sports department decided to create a parody of Frosty the Snowman in Frost's honor.

Appropriately, it is titled Frosty the Coach Man. It's one of the more ridiculous songs you'll ever here.

We're not sure Nebraska fans will like it, but we're pretty sure they're at least willing to listen to it.

Check it out:

Frost, after leading UCF to an undefeated season in 2017, struggled to lead Nebraska to its first win in 2018. But the Cornhuskers showed a great deal of improvement as the season went on, and many believe they're poised for a big 2019.

Nebraska fans - do you like the parody? Or is it too much?