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Nebraska WR Went To Bat For His Coach After Today's Game: "I Would Play For Bo Pelini Against Satan Himself"

What an endorsement.

Bo Pelini had himself quite an afternoon today, losing to Iowa and then spouting off in his postgame presser, "If they want to fire me then go ahead." Typically, that's not the best strategy when it comes to keeping a job, and many fans are wondering whether Pelini has already coached his last game at Nebraska.

One person who hopes that isn't the case is wide receiver Kenny Bell. After the game, Bell was asked about Pelini, and he made it crystal clear that he thinks he is a great coach -- here's what he told the Omaha World-Herald:

“Bo Pelini is a father figure to me. He’s literally changed my life. I would play for Bo Pelini against Satan himself and a team of demons at the gates of the underworld. I love Coach Pelini, and I can say that with confidence for everybody in that locker room, every guy that’s played for him."

Bell continued on backing up his coach -- you can check out his full interview here. It will be interesting to see what happens with Pelini moving forward, but it's clear that not everyone wants to see him go.