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Nebraska's Bo Pelini After Losing To Iowa: "If They Want To Fire Me Then Go Ahead"

He's not concerned.

Is Bo Pelini's time at Nebraska coming to an end? Pelini himself seems to think that there's a decent chance his time may be over, or at least he hears the talk. After losing 38-17 to Iowa this afternoon, the head coach was not pleased in his postgame press conference. First, he sounded off on the 15-yard unsportsmanslike conduct penalty he was given for swinging his hat at a ref:

He then was asked about his job and whether or not he is feeling any pressure:

The Cornhuskers finished the regular season with an 8-4 record. While that isn't terrible, Nebraska fans certainly have higher expectations -- it wouldn't be a huge surprise if Pelini gets let go here in the near future.