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Nebraska's Chancellor Received Some Ridiculous Emails After Huskers Loss To Purdue

Nebraska landed a signature win with its upset of Michigan State, but just a week before, the program hit its nadir, losing to Purdue. After that game, Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman received numerous angry e-mails from fans, and after SB Nation put in an Open Records request to the school, we can see read them now.

Here are a few of our other favorites:

What does the "N" mean for the football nation in 2015? Joke, embarrassing, etc. We are the new Purdue of the Big Ten, we are the new Kansas of the Big 12, We are the Kentucky of the SEC, We are the Oregon State of the PAC (How Ironic), etc. We just got embarrassed by the worst team in college football, but at least we did it with "class".

One fan won't be happy until Chip Kelly is in red:

Plan to hire AD (if not Barry Alvarez) with best leverage to hire Chip Kelly from NFL back to college football at Nebraska before one of ten other nationally prominent programs do. Kelly is the only coach with the pedigree to compete with Meyer, Harbaugh and Dantonio. If we are not in it to win it, why risk all the national records so many have sacrifice to build? If you want to be the best you have to think like the best--then better. Hire Scott Frost as offensive coordinator w Kelly as head coach and you would leave the program with a succession plan.

Strangely, an Iowa fan also decided to weigh in.

Dr.Husker AD "I don't want to be Iowa". And that's A-OK. Your choice. It's a free society and were not communist. But know Big Red Shawn the clock is clicking. The Grand Poo-Bah Harvey is about to hit the road making speeches to pad his retirement and sit on countless boards moving his abacas back and forth keeping track of money. And it's fair to say ole Harvey is your last sanctuary for you to take refuge in Lincoln. Shawn I realize when you fired Bo you said with all confidence you could muster "we don't want to be Iowa."

Well unlike the extreme right wing conservative state of Nebraska, eastern Iowa is a bastion of loving liberals. Iowa City pretty much takes everybody in. We are a welcoming city. We take your poor, your downtrodden, your unwanted. We also bring in many brilliant students from all over the world who go out and make a difference in the lives of millions. So once Grand Poo-Bah leaves in June we'll take you in. Because Shawn "I don't know to be Iowa" Eichorst will have a few "big time" opportunities to submit his resume to. Your semi-mentor and pal the ego maniac Barry Alvarez no doubt is watching from afar. Don't assume he'll have his hand out. But I just bet gentlemen Gary Barta could find a position within his department. We are loving and forgiving people in Iowa City. Oh sure some of us (me included) were getting real nervous with the direction of our football program. But silly us. The Captain is having the last laugh on us. And you!!!!!!

SB Nation has the rest of the e-mails available in their post, so head over there to read the rest.

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