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Nebraska QB Noah Vedral Thinks He Could Gain Immediate Eligibility After Transfer From UCF

Nebraska quarterback Noah Vedral gives an interview during spring practice.

Scott Frost is not the only person to make the move from UCF to Nebraska this year. Quarterback Noah Vedral transferred to the school, following his head coach after the coaching move. Normally, that would mean that he has to sit out a year. However, with the potential for new transfer rules coming, Noah Vedral's eligibility is not totally decided yet.

The NCAA is considering major changes to the transfer rules. As of now, only players who have graduated are typically allowed to play right away at a new school. Some exceptions are made, but typically, there is a one year wait period. That could be changing, though.

An NCAA Transfer Working Group is getting ready to meet about changing the transfer rule. Proposals could allow for more immediate eligibility.

The most notable quarterback that this may affect is probably Michigan's Shea Patterson. He is the likely starter, if he is allowed to play right away. Given the situation at Ole Miss, there is a chance he is granted immediate eligibility anyway.

New Nebraska quarterback Noah Vedral's eligibility could also be affected.

He is expected to sit out a year. However, he says that he thinks there is a decent chance that he is cleared to play right away if the NCAA rules change.

Given some recent shake-ups within the Nebraska program, that could be big for the Huskers' QB depth. From the Omaha World-Herald.

Two of the exceptions expected to be considered for immediate eligibility: those who meet specific, high-achieving academic benchmarks and transfers whose coach leaves for another school.

Vedral could fit into either category and, depending on when it goes into effect, thinks he could be eligible to play this fall.

“From everything I’ve researched, there’s a chance,” Vedral said.

There was some drama with Noah Vedral's departure from UCF. The school initially tried to block his move, but he was eventually allowed to make the move.

On Thursday, former blue-chip recruit Patrick O'Brien elected to leave Nebraska. He said that he is not a fit for Scott Frost's system, and will take his college career elsewhere.

We know that Noah Vedral fits Frost's system. While he was the back-up at UCF, he posted some pretty solid stats in limited reps last year. He completed 22-of-29 passes for 276 yards, a touchdown, and no interceptions. He also gained 77 yards on the ground and two touchdowns.

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