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Photo: JayCee Pilkington, Miss Nebraska, Sat With Jack Hoffman At Today's Nebraska Game

Who's luckier?

With the AJ McCarron-Katherine Webb breakup rumors swirling the web, college football fans need a new power couple. Today, we've found that couple: Nebraska superfan Jack Hoffman, and JayCee Pilkington, Miss Nebraska herself.

The two were spotted sitting together at today's Nebraska-South Dakota State matchup:

Since his phenomenal touchdown run in the Nebraska spring game, Jack has been busy -- he has met President Obama, Jadeveon Clowney, and he even got his own customized NCAA Football '14 cover. All of this caught the attention of Pilkington, who gave him a shoutout during one of her Miss America pageant speeches, and then got in contact with Team Jack:

I have to say, they probably had a great first date -- the Cornhuskers came away with a nice 59-20 win.