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Photos: Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini Unveiled Cornhuskers "Red Rising" Uniform By Wearing It Himself

Update: ...and we've got video. Pelini, while unveiling the uniforms, gets into it with a few of his players, including wideout Kenny Bell, before taking the helmet off. As you'd imagine, he gets a hearty chuckle from his team.

Earlier: Most of the time, college football programs ask a few upperclassmen to do the honors of debuting a new uniform for the rest of the team in the meeting room. But Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini - in true Bo Pelini fashion - decided he'd have a little more fun with the whole thing. The Cornhuskers head man suited up in the new "Red Rising" uniform himself - helmet and all. Here are a few photos:

For a 46-year-old guy, Pelini doesn't look so bad squeezing into the ultra-tight threads. Well done, coach.