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Photos: Nebraska Fan Built Outside Of Memorial Stadium Out Of Legos

Update: Someone on Twitter decided to one-up Johns and send a link of an entire Memorial Stadium lego set that you can buy. It's pretty cool, but we'll still take the homemade version.

">@The_Mathlete: How about the full Memorial Stadium

— Nebraska Huskers (@Huskers)

Yep. Someone said LEGO Memorial Stadium.
"@The_Mathlete: How about the full Memorial Stadium

— Nebraska Huskers (@Huskers) June 5, 2014

">June 5, 2014

Earlier: It's the offseason, which means that instead of showing you action from inside a place like Nebraska's Memorial Stadium, we have to get a little more creative. One Cornhuskers fan, a man named Chad Johns, did our work for us, building the outside walls of the famed stadium out of Legos. He posted the pictures on Facebook, and the school took notice. 

">June 5, 2014

There is no word regarding whether he plans to complete the entire stadium. Theoretically, he's already got the difficult part done. Nebraska fans - how'd he do?