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Watch: Army Staff Sergeant Surprises Family During Nebraska Spring Game Coin Toss

Army Sergeant embraces family as he surprises them at the Nebraska football coin toss.


Army Staff Sgt. Matthew Hawke dressed in a full Huskers uniform and surprised his family during the Nebraska spring game coin toss.

Nebraska football held its annual spring practice today, and during the pregame ceremony the Huskers staged a surprise for a military member and his family.

It didn't go how you'd expect, though. Instead of running onto the field or something like that, staff sergeant Matthew Hawke actually dressed up in a full Cornhusker uniform—complete with pads and a helmet—and made his way onto the field for the pre-game coin toss as if he was one of the players.

One of his sons even flipped the coin before realizing who he was. Once he took off his helmet though, his entire family understandably mobbed him.

Here's the full video, but be warned you might want to have some tissues handy.

According to Nebraska, Hawke had been deployed for 10 months in Afghanistan, and is a lifelong Huskers fan. He hadn't seen his family since returning home until that very moment above at midfield.

While the video is great, the photos capture the reactions in real time, and they're incredible. Check it out:

Such a wonderful moment.