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USA Today Names The Most Miserable Fan Base In College Football After Week 3

Nebraska fans are having a tough year.

Nebraska's road loss to Oregon two weeks back wasn't what Cornhuskers fans were hoping to see, but it was an acceptable loss based on the level of competition. This past Saturday's loss to Northern Illinois is in a different category.

This week, USA Today's Dan Wolken actually named Nebraska fans are the "most miserable" fan base in the country.

It's hard to disagree, given yearly expectations.

Here's Wolken's reasoning:

The idea that Nebraska can't win a national title is ridiculous. Obviously, it would take the right coach with the right philosophy and some luck in recruiting. But can it happen? Of course it can. If Wisconsin can put itself on the periphery of the playoff discussion every year, there’s no reason why Nebraska can’t be as good or better. But Pelini couldn’t do it, and now it appears increasingly unlikely Riley will be able to either. At 16-13 overall and 9-8 in the Big Ten under Riley, Nebraska is just another program. Regardless of where you think Nebraska fits in 2017, it certainly should be better than that.

It's clear that without a major turnaround, Mike Riley's going to have a difficult time keeping his job. The Cornhuskers get Rutgers this Saturday to open up Big Ten play.