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Youngstown State Releases A Statement About Bo Pelini's Profanity-Laced Rant

Youngstown State's administration has released a statement concerning the profanity-laced audio tape that surfaced Wednesday which contained Bo Pelini's rant about Nebraska's higher-ups. 

Pelini, a Youngstown native, was hired to be the Penguins' new football coach on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Omaha World-Herald released a tape with audio from Pelini's final meeting with his Nebraska players. Pelini called Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst a "p*ssy" and a "c*nt" and the roughly 30-minute tape contains dozens of other curse words. 

Thursday afternoon, Youngstown State commented on their football coach's obscene speech. 

">December 18, 2014

From The Vindicator:

Coach Pelini's remarks as reported are inappropriate and unfortunate. We have discussed the report with coach. We are confident that Coach will conduct himself accordingly moving forward. We will not be commenting any further on this issue.

It appears that Pelini's immature rant will not be costing him his current job, which might be surprising to some. Based strictly on his coaching ability, Youngstown State is certainly lucky to have a coach of Pelini's caliber. 

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