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Video: Darren Rovell Wears All-Purple Northwestern Uniform, Loses 1-On-1 Basketball Game 11-0 To Barstool Big Cat

This really happened.

ESPN's Darren Rovell has had himself a busy day. He's been called outby Texas A&M's chancellor, sang "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" at Wrigley Field, and now, played in a one-on-one basketball game against Barstool Sports-Chicago writer "Big Cat". But if you're wondering who won, well, it wasn't Rovell - not even close.

Rovell represented his alma mater - Northwestern - by wearing an all-purple Wildcats uniform for the occasion. Apparently, it wasn't enough to get the job done, as Big Cat shut him out, 11-0.

Here are some Vine videos from the event - and a final picture that shows Rovell's defeat.

Props to both of these guys for putting on the show.