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Report: Texas A&M, Northwestern, Arizona Won't Sell Football Jerseys With Player Numbers This Season

For the past two seasons, Texas A&M's Kyle Field has been littered on fall Saturdays with No. 2 jerseys, which unofficially represented the uniform worn by star Johnny Manziel. 

The Aggies, along with two other programs, are stopping the sale of jerseys with player numbers, however. 

">June 5, 2014

Texas A&M will only sell jerseys with No. 12, which represents Texas A&M's fans, the "12th Man." Arizona will limit jersey sales to ones with No. 14, representing the 2014 season. Northwestern will just provide jerseys with No. 51, the number worn by coach Pat Fitzgerald. 

From ESPN's Darren Rovell: 

Officials with Northwestern and Texas A&M declined to comment, but college sports insiders have expected a move like this designed to lessen the legal exposure of the schools and change the public perception of taking advantage of college athletes as they fight harder for their commercial rights.