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A List Of Which 10 Public Schools' Sports Programs Generated The Most Revenue In 2012

Penn State with over $100 million in revenue.
Flickr/Annemarie Mountz

Flickr/Annemarie Mountz

Earlier this week, USA Today released its annual financial breakdown of public NCAA athletics programs. The results, while predictable, greatly exemplify the current state of college athletics. Five of the top ten schools reside in the SEC, yet Texas, Ohio State and Michigan still reign supreme.

Here are the findings. Remember, this is public schools only - calm down Notre Dame fans.

1. Texas - $163 million
2. Ohio State - $142 million
3. Michigan - $140 million
4. Alabama - $125 million
5. Florida - $121 million
6. Texas A&M - $120 million
7. LSU - $115 million
8. Penn State - $108 million
9. Oklahoma - $106 million
10. Auburn - $106 million

One surprising result is Penn State's inclusion, given the Jerry Sandusky scandal - it would appear that it hasn't had too much of a lasting effect on the university's ability to generate revenue. The other is Texas A&M, though between the school's move to the SEC and Johnny Manziel's Heisman run, we all knew the Aggies would make a jump.