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A Man Known As The "Buckeye Bandit" Is Allegedly Robbing Banks In The Columbus, Ohio Area

"Buckeye bandit" robs Columbus-area bank.

Friday, the FBI and local police in Columbus, Ohio, released photos and sketches of a man they claim is a suspect in up to 20 bank robberies in the central Ohio area. How does this relate to college sports, you ask? The man is wearing Ohio State gear in every photo, and he's been dubbed the "Buckeye Bandit" by the authorities and the media. The robberies go back all the way to 2013.

Here are some photos, via ABC 6. Busted Coverage brought the topic to our attention.

">March 20, 2015

">March 20, 2015

In all seriousness, let's hope the suspect is caught soon and brought to justice.