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Aaron Craft Calls Himself An "Anomaly" On Instagram

College basketball fans, for four years, always thought of Ohio State point guard Aaron Craft as a different kind of player. It looks like he realizes as much as well. Craft took to Instagram today to post a graphic that makes it clear that he's proud of his status as a unique kind of athlete. He hashtagged the word "anomaly" under the statement.

Craft was a different kind of athlete in two ways. One - his status as an academic-all-american showed that he cared about his future both on and off the court equally. Two - he was one of the scrappiest, hard-working players on the floor, routinely taking charges, diving for loose balls, etc.

Critics might also point out that he's a bit undersized and has an unconventional shooting motion, making him even more unique. Either way, he was good for college basketball and will be missed.