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Ohio State Uniform Watch: Another Pro Combat Possibility?

OSU's new uniforms?

Ohio State blog Eleven Warriors reported yesterday that a promotional picture depicting what could possibly be the Nike Pro Combat Uniforms to be worn against Michigan was posted on the OSU Online Store.

The differences are subtle when compared with the current uniforms, with numbers outlined in gray, and wider stripes on the shoulders, pants and helmet. The biggest change appears to be a black facemask.

The OSU athletic department and Nike have yet to confirm new pro combat uniforms for this season, but this image is a good indication that the Buckeyes will look a bit different on November 24th.

Players and coaches from the 2002 National Championship team will also be honored during the Michigan game, and there have been allusions as to these uniforms being a tribute to the ones worn during that season.

This would be Ohio State's fourth consecutive year donning the Pro Combat look for a game.