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Art Briles Claims Ohio State Chosen Over Baylor For Final Playoff Spot By 8-4 Vote

The Ohio State Buckeyes, who were given the No. 4 seed in the inaugural College Football Playoff, surprisingly took down both Alabama and Oregon to win the national championship. But just how close were the Bucks to not even being included in the field?

Baylor coach Art Briles claims to know the answer. According to Briles, his team, which wound up finishing at No. 5 (just outside the playoff field), lost the committee's final vote, 8-4. He also said that his team needs to "dominate" opponents in the future - winning simply isn't enough anymore.

">January 21, 2015

">January 21, 2015

Briles did not mention anything about TCU, which dropped from No. 3 to No. 6 despite blowing out Iowa State in its final regular season game. 

While it's unclear whether Briles' inside info is legit, most college football fans already assumed the committee had a tough time deciding between the three programs. It is interesting to see just how close it was, however.