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Big Ten Fans Mass-Ordering NJIT Shirts To Troll Michigan

This past Saturday, the Michigan Wolverines, the then-17th-ranked team in the nation, were upended by previously woeful NJIT in Ann Arbor, 72-70. The loss was an absolute shocker for Wolverines fans, who no doubt did not take the Highlanders as a serious threat heading into the contest.

As you'd imagine, fans of rival Big Ten schools have been having fun with the Wolverines' loss. According to The New York Times, NJIT's book store, run by a man named Pete Maranzano, has been dealing with a surge of tee shirt orders from Midwestern states. Michigan State fans seem to be leading the way.

A man named Jeremy Bronson had posted, “@NJITBookstore, heads-up — you’re gonna be mailing a LOT of t-shirts to a city called East Lansing this week.”

Maranzano, who manages the N.J.I.T. bookstore inside the campus center, thought it was just a good line from an acerbic Michigan State fan. Then he arrived at work Monday morning and found six pages of online orders for the school’s red-and-black T-shirts and sweatshirts.

But it isn't just Spartans supporters enjoying the moment.

Oh, he added, an overwhelming majority of them happened to come from Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. N.J.I.T., which was a 24 ½-point underdog going into the game in Ann Arbor, would seem to have established itself as a fashion statement for gleeful Wolverine rivals.

This doesn't come as a huge surprise - anytime the Wolverines lose to a (seemingly) lesser opponent, rivals celebrate. We're pretty sure there are still Ohio State fans who wear Appalachian State shirts whenever they can. Still, it's fairly amusing - unless you're a UM fan.