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Braxton Miller May Have Committed An NCAA Violation Last Night

Braxton Miller selling supplements could be NCAA violation.

We're still not sure whether Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller is going to be able to see the field in 2015. That being said, he's making a bit of noise this week with his Instagram account. That may not be a good thing.

Tuesday night, Miller posted a photo of himself and Brandon Oshodin, the owner of Authentik Fitness, which is based in Columbus, Ohio. In the photo, Miller and Oshodin have placed seven Advocare products (nutritional supplements) between them. Both Miller and Oshodin, in separate Instagram posts, list Miller's email as the point of contact for the products (Miller later deleted his post). In short, they're promoting Miller as an Advocare distributor. Miller also has his own website set up, which names him as a distributor.

">March 25, 2015

Braxton Miller sells Advocare.

The obvious issue here? NCAA violations. Players, under NCAA bylaws, are not allowed to use their notoriety to help companies profit. Advocare actually has an entire PDF that lays out what is and isn't allowed for student-athletes. Using a photo of yourself on social media is specifically mentioned. Miller also isn't supposed to use his name on his Advocare microsite.

It's possible that Miller and Oshodin have found a loophole here, but considering Miller deleted the post shortly after, it seems unlikely. We'll see if the NCAA comes calling in response.