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Braxton Miller On The NFL: "I Think I'm Ready" But Not Leaning One Way Or The Other

Is he right?

As Ohio State fans eagerly await their team's chance to redeem itself from a tough loss in the Big Ten Championship Game, they are also anxious to find out whether star quarterback Braxton Miller will be back in the scarlet and grey for another season. Miller has been a huge part of Ohio State's success over the past several years, and accounted for over 2800 totals yards and 32 touchdowns in 2013. He iscurrently projected to go somewhere in the middle of April's NFL Draft, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't think he's ready:

Certainly another year of college football could benefit Miller, but it's always hard to tell somebody to turn down NFL money at any moment. It will be interesting to see what he ultimately decides, but the fact that he feels that he's ready now indicates that he probably isn't scared to make the jump.