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Brett McMurphy Obtained Texts From Courtney Smith's Mother To Zach Smith

A general view of Ohio State's football field.

In recent days, Tina Carano, the mother of Courtney Smith, has become a figure involved in the Zach Smith story at Ohio State. She recently came to the defense of her former son-in-law.

Courtney Smith is accusing Zach Smith of domestic abuse throughout their marriage. An alleged incident in 2015 is at the center of the story at Ohio State.

On Thursday, Ohio State reporter Jeff Snook reached Carano via text message. She supported an argument similar to the one that her former son-in-law made, that the only times he was physical with Courtney was when he tried to remove himself from a bad situation.

(Zach Smith’s mother, Lynn) Bruce said that Courtney’s mother, Tina Carano, also heard her daughter state her plans against her husband for his infidelities. The mother and daughter have become estranged over the issue, Bruce claimed. She said Tina Carano also believes Zach Smith never struck her daughter.

“Her own mother is backing Zach in this issue and I am sure that makes her mad,” she said. “They do not speak anymore.”

Reached this afternoon, Tina Carano would only communicate via text messages and backed Lynn Bruce’s version.

When asked if she believed her daughter’s claims of physical abuse, she replied, “I believe that Zach was removing himself from an argument and I do not believe he intentionally abused her. I do not believe he actually intentionally swung or punched her … no.”

Lynn Bruce also told Snook that Courtney vowed to "“take Zach down and take Urban Meyer down with him" several times.

Today, Jeff Snook's reporting on the situation began to clash directly with Brett McMurphy, the college football insider who broke the initial allegations against Zach Smith.

It was McMurphy's piece that led to Urban Meyer lying at Big Ten Media Days about knowledge of the 2015 allegations. He has since been place on administrative leave.

Earlier today, Snook reported that former Ohio State assistant and current Texas head coach Tom Herman was McMurphy's source, and led him down the path to uncover the allegations. Snook reported that Herman and Smith had a falling out after Herman left for the job at Houston, and was bitter that Smith had beaten him out for five-star wide receiver Garrett Wilson, an Austin native.

McMurphy denied that Herman was his source. Both Herman and his wife Michelle have done the same.

McMurphy is now looking into Snook's lead on Carano. He reached out to Courtney Smith's mother, who said that Zach Smith "hit her out of self-defense."

“He hit her because of self defense,” Carano told McMurphy on Saturday. “It’s not like he punched (her) or threw a punch at her. He was putting his hands against her throat and pushing her against a wall to get away. That’s all I’m going to say.”

After McMurphy shared texts that he obtained, that were purportedly between Carano and Zach Smith in 2014, in which she chastised him for abusing her daughter.

Carano responded to those texts, without denying that she sent them:

“I can tell you this – when all this happened – I’m trying to be there as a mother,” Carano told McMurphy. “I’m going to support her.”

Snook has not yet published another report from his side. However this shakes out, this entire situation has gotten ugly on multiple levels.

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