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Brutus Buckeye Is Wearing Florida Gear, Does Gator Chomp Ahead Of SEC Championship Game

Ohio State's College Football Playoff hopes are not totally dead, but to reach the field of four, with two other contenders playing in tonight's Big Ten Championship, it'll need some help. One potential avenue: if Florida knocks Alabama off in Atlanta this afternoon. OSU mascot Brutus Buckeye is throwing his support behind the underdog Gators, putting on a Florida hat and doing the Gator chomp a few minutes before kick-off of the SEC Championship.

">@AlbertGator? Go !

— Brutus Buckeye (@Brutus_Buckeye)

?? CHOMP CHOMP! Right, @AlbertGator? Go ?!

— Brutus Buckeye (@Brutus_Buckeye) December 5, 2015

">December 5, 2015

We're not sure how much support the Gators really want from those in Columbus, Ohio, but they'll certainly take a win today, even if it likely erases the SEC's playoff hopes.