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Cardale Jones Makes It Clear That He's Still A Ronda Rousey Supporter

This past offseason, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones professed his love for UFC fighter Ronda Rousey on social media. Sunday night, the day after Rousey's first loss of her career, he made sure to let his fans know that he isn't abandoning her. Jones took to Twitter to trash "bandwagon" fans who were bashing her following her defeat at the hands (or, appropriately, foot) of Holly Holm. Check it out:

">@RondaRousey difference between a supporter & someone on the bandwagon. No room for you guys when she's back on top

— Cardale Jones (@CJ12_) November 15, 2015

Rousey hasn't responded, but that's to be expected. We imagine she'll be all business for the next few months.