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Cardale Jones Trolls Virginia Tech, "DBU" After Ohio State's Blowout Win

Cardale Jones trolls Virginia Tech with a tweet.

Cardale Jones Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech's football program likes to call itself, "D.B.U," a.k.a "Defensive Back University." The Hokies aren't the only program that boasts this nickname, but they're on a short list of teams that claim to be the best at producing elite defensive backs. 

Ohio State's wide receivers also have a nickname for themselves - "Zone 6," because they spend most of their time in the end zone, getting six points. 

Zone 6 > D.B.U last night, as the Buckeyes throttled the Hokies, 42-24, with OSU accounting for 241 receiving yards and three touchdowns. 

Ohio State's quarterback, Cardale Jones, was sure to remind everyone of that following the contest. 

It's a little too late for a welcome, Cardale.