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Cardale Jones Will Be Working Out Instead Of Watching 1st Round Of NFL Draft

Five Ohio State players and head coach Urban Meyer will be in Chicago later this month for the NFL Draft. Quarterback Cardale Jones will not be among them. In fact, he won't even be in front of a TV to see many of his teammates selected in the first round. It is a big lifting day for Jones, and in a draft diary for Sports Illustrated's Campus Rush, he says that's where he'll be.

Everyone wants me to have a draft party, but there's no way. I've been trying to stay low-key. I've changed my phone number three times since we won the 2014 national title. I'm not planning on watching the first night of the draft—I'll be doing a heavy lifting workout—but on April 29, when the second and third rounds are announced, I have a recovery day. I'm just going to watch it in my apartment in Columbus. I'm looking forward to finding out where I'm going, learning like a sponge and getting ready for my chance.

Jones is not going to be a first rounder, so it is highly unlikely that he misses himself being picked, but it is interesting that he won't watch Ezekiel Elliott, Joey Bosa, and the other first round hopefuls get picked. In fact, Jones says he hasn't even looked at a mock draft in months.

In the next few weeks I'll be getting my own NFL draft phone call. I have no idea if I'll be the first pick or the last—I haven't looked at a mock draft since October. It really doesn't matter what people say; what matters is how prepared I am to take advantage of the opportunity when my phone rings.

Jones is definitely one of the more intriguing prospects in the draft. Few quarterbacks have his arm talent, but he's probably the least experienced passer in the field. We can't wait to find out which team takes a shot on him.

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