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Ohio State's Chase Young Calls Out Viral 'Blocking' Video

Julian Armella tosses a pass rusher during a Rivals camp.


St. Thomas Aquinas offensive tackle Julian Armella is going viral for his performance in a one-on-one drill at a Rivals camp. Ohio State superstar Chase Young wasn't impressed though.

Armella is a 2022 prospect. While he has a long time until he's ready to play in college, offers are already flooding in. Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oregon, and Penn State are among the powerhouse programs that have extended offers so far. 28 teams in total have done so, despite the fact that he is just a sophomore in high school.

In the video, Armella gets into his kick slide, simulating pass protection with a bag behind him. When his opponent goes for a spin move, the Aquinas star grabs him by the back of his jersey and just flings him to the ground. An impressive physical feat? Yes. Would it have been penalized in an actual game? Almost definitely.

Chase Young's Ohio State Buckeyes are among the many schools to offer him early. Young, who certainly knows about quality blocking as the nation's premier pass rusher (and likely No. 2 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft) made his opinion of the viral clip very clear: "this isn't blocking... lol." I'm not sure if that will have any impact on Armella going forward, but it's hard to disagree with him, even if Armella is an extremely impressive prospect either way.

Julian Armella hasn't been rated by all of the recruiting services yet, but he's clearly a prized young player. 247Sports' internal rankings have him as a four-star player, ranked No. 60 overall, No. 2 among 2022 offensive tackles, and No. 9 in Florida. ESPN and Rivals have not yet ranked the St. Thomas Aquinas tackle. [

This isn’t blocking... lol

— CY2 (@youngchase907) February 13, 2020

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