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Chiefs' Star Tamba Hali Shares Pass-Rushing Tips With Joey Bosa

Joey Bosa, Tamba Hali discuss pass rushing.

There was a heartfelt moment after Saturday night's Chiefs-Chargers game.

Larry Johnson was at the center of a heartfelt moment after the Chiefs-Chargers game on Saturday night.

The Ohio State defensive line coach was not on the field, but two of his former players were - former Ohio State star Joey Bosa and former Penn State standout Tamba Hali.

The AFC West rivals - Bosa playing for the Chargers and Hali for the Chiefs - exchanged pas-rushing tips on the field after the game.

Check it out:

Urban Meyer made sure to point out on Twitter that they were both Johnson proteges.

Johnson is one of the best defensive line coaches in college football history. There have been some rumors about a potential retirement, but he attempted to put those to rest earlier this week.

Whenever Johnson does decide to step away, he'll be greatly missed.