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Chris Spielman's Son Among Wheaton Players Charged With Hazing

A group of Wheaton College football players have been charged.

Five Wheaton College football players are facing felony charges stemming from an alleged hazing incident with a freshman teammate in 2016.

The players allegedly had the first-year player restrained with duct tape and he was left on a baseball field with two torn shoulder muscles.

Among the five players charged is Noah Spielman, the 21-year-old son of former Ohio State standout Chris Spielman, who's currently a broadcaster for FOX.

The freshman victim left the Christian school shortly after the alleged incident and now goes to school in Indiana. He has not been named, but he did release a statement to the Chicago Tribune.

"This has had a devastating effect on my life," he said in a statement to the Tribune. "What was done to me should never occur in connection with a football program or any other activity. ... I am confident that the criminal prosecution will provide a fair and just punishment to the men who attacked me."

Wheaton College is one of the best Division III college football programs in the country. It's currently ranked fourth in the nation. Three of the players who have been charged, including Spielman, played in the team's most-recent game.

The school released a statement this week saying it is "deeply troubled" and has hired a third-party to conduct an investigation.