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CJ Stroud Getting Crushed For Final Play Of First Half vs. Penn State

C.J. Stroud of Ohio State runs with the ball against Rutgers.

COLUMBUS, OHIO - OCTOBER 01: C.J. Stroud #7 of the Ohio State Buckeyes runs with the ball during the first quarter of a game against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Ohio Stadium on October 01, 2022 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images)

Ohio State had a chance to take the lead over Penn State at the end of the first half. Instead, star quarterback C.J. Stroud was sacked and the clock ran out. 

Stroud snapped the ball on second and goal from Penn State's eight-yard line with six seconds on the clock. The only thing he could not do on that play was take a sack.

Clearly, Stroud didn't get the memo. He was brought down by Johnny Dixon for a loss of five yards. 

That sack from Penn State's defense kept the score at 14-13 heading into halftime. 

As you'd imagine, several college football analysts called out Stroud for taking a sack in such a critical situation. 

"You cannot hold the ball there," Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports said. "You just cannot. With 7 seconds and a timeout left, that either goes into the end zone or goes in the stands -- quickly. @PennStateFball D has dialed something up today."

"If you're going to run a play instead of kick the field goal there, Stroud has to know to throw the ball *fast*," Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk tweeted. "Can't take a sack in that situation."

"Wow, Penn State with the sack to end half as Ohio State blows clock management," Pat Forde of Sports Illustrated wrote. "Stroud has to get ball out no matter what."

Penn State has all the momentum heading into the third quarter.

The second half of the Ohio State-Penn State game will be televised on FOX.