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Clay Travis Trashes Urban Meyer, Says He'll "Donate To Michigan" If OSU Makes J.T. Barrett Pay For Semester

Fox Sports' Clay Travis rips on Ohio State.

Clay Travis Rips On Ohio State

Fox Sports analyst Clay Travis isn't shy about stating his opinion on Twitter and dealing with the ensuing backlash from angry fans. Travis already bashed Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer after quarterback J.T. Barrett was cited for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence on Saturday morning, and he doubled down on that criticism today when it was announced that Barrett would lose some financial aid as a result of his violation. 

At first, it appeared Barrett would lose a scholarship for a semester during the school year, which led to Travis tweeting this. 

When it was revealed that Barrett would instead lose out on his summer aid, Travis ripped into Meyer some more. 

As you might imagine, Buckeye fan are firing back at Travis, and he's standing his ground. Just another day on college football Twitter.