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Colin Cowherd Thinks Ohio State's Investigation Was Meant To "Seek Information" To Keep Urban Meyer, Not Fire Him

Colin Cowherd talks college football.

Earlier this week, Ohio State announced a three-game suspension for head football coach Urban Meyer. The decision came after the university's 12-hour deliberation following the investigation into how Meyer handled assault allegations against a former assistant coach.

Immediately after Ohio State announced the suspension, the statements from Urban Meyer, Gene Smith, and the investigative findings were poured over by the national media. Among those who commented on the situation at Ohio State was Colin Cowherd.

The longtime sports analyst and media personality suggested the investigation wasn't seeking a reason to fire Meyer, but rather, "keep and protect him."

Here are his full comments from the Herd with Colin Cowherd:

Folks we all do this. We protect people to take care of us. And if you're really good at your job you get away with more. You just do. Urban Meyer's really good at his job - he's 73-8 at Ohio State. He's won three national titles. He's a remarkable 11-3 in bowl games. There was one year he coached at Ohio State that was ineligible, he went 12-0 that year.

He turned around Bowling green, Utah, Florida, and Ohio State in hours. 4-for-4. Not even Nick [Saban] could do that. When people are really good at their jobs we give them second and third chances - and he's really good. This entire investigation was not to find information to fire him, they were seeking information to protect him and keep him. That's what they were looking for.

We all do this. I've done this. Someone takes care of my kids, somebody gives me something. I mean let's just pretend, wild scenario, we had an inappropriate president that had a relationship with a porn star. But the economy is good so...he got me a job...I got his back. We all do this. When people take care of us monetarily, emotionally, take care of our family, make us feel good, we got their back. We get embedded. We protect them.

Of course Urban Meyer was not fired. Plus Ohio State can say "we got rid of that really bad guy. We kept a guy that, you know, has some memory issues." That's what they said. "But we got rid of the bad guy." So they feel good today. And Ohio feels good today. And 73-8 Urban Meyer feels better today than yesterday. This is the way it works. It's the way it's always worked. And whether we like it or not, I've done it, you've done it. And there will be another story in the next few months of us protecting somebody that takes care of us financially or emotionally. We just pretend bad stuff doesn't happen.

In the end, Ohio State came to a conclusion that angered many on both sides. Ohio State fans believed Meyer should be reinstated immediately, while others thought Meyer should be fired - especially after Ohio State released its investigative report.

Did Meyer's success as a football coach impact the university's decision? That will be a hotly debated topic for months to come.