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College Football Playoff Announces Stipend For Parents And Guardians Of Players

Update: The NCAA has announced that it is launching a pilot program, which will pay for the travel of families for teams in the Men's and Women's Final Fours.

The NCAA will pay up to $3,000 total in travel, hotel and meal expenses for family members of each student-athlete who competes in the Final Four semifinal games but don’t advance to the championships. The NCAA will pay up to $4,000 in expenses for each of the student-athletes who compete in the men’s and women’s basketball championship games. The College Football Playoff may provide up to $3,000 in travel expenses for families of each competing student-athlete.

“Championship experiences like the Final Four create memories of a lifetime for student-athletes, and we want to make sure their families are there to support and celebrate with them,” said NCAA President Mark Emmert.

Earlier: The College Football Playoff has been a success so far, and now it has made a decision that is sure to be popular with the families of players who are heading to Arlington for Monday's Ohio State-Oregon finale. According to a press release, the Playoff will reimburse up to two parents or guardians for each player up to $1,250 each for travel costs. Here is the full release:

Well done, College Football Playoff. This should be a decision that everyone can get behind, which is a rare thing in high level college sports.

College Football Playoff announces travel assistance for student-athlete parents.

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