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College Football's Most Overrated Teams The Last 5 Years

It's almost "who's overrated? who's underrated?" time in college football.

August is a couple of days away, meaning we're close to being a month away from the start of the season, and even closer to the release of the preseason coaches' and AP polls.

Once they come out, the they're overrated! and they're underrated! debates will really heat up.

In anticipation of this, a Reddit CFB user, @dupreesdiamond, has tabulated the most-overrated and most-underrated college football teams of the last five years.

The methodology:

The methodology is admittedly simple and flawed, the biggest flaw being the use of the value 26 for teams that started/finished the season "unranked".

However, it mirrors the methodology used by many a pre-season article in both print and digital media focused on the AP and Coaches poll. The employed methodology was taken straight from here and applied to the recorded history (2011-2015) of the /r/cfb poll.

A negative number indicates that a team was ovverrated and finished the season ranked below their pre-season starting point and, of course, a positive number indicates that a team was underrated and finished the season ranked above their pre-season starting point. A 0 indicates that a team had the same ranking to start and end the season. NR indicates that a team was not ranked in the final nor pre-season poll.

The 10 most-overrated teams of the last five years:

The five most-underrated teams of the last five years:

You can view the full Reddit post here. It includes overrated/underrated statistics for every Power 5 team.

The preseason polls are set to come out in late August. You can view ESPN's ridiculously-early preseason top 25 here.

Which college football teams do you anticipate being overrated and underrated heading into this season?

The first college football Saturday is set for Sept. 3. It's looking like it's going to be a great one.