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Connor Cook Calls Oregon, Not Ohio State, MSU's Toughest Opponent This Season

Connor Cook and Michigan State have a very interesting perspective. Michigan State is one of the only teams in the country to face more than one of the four College Football Playoff teams, losing to both Oregon and Ohio State. Who does Cook think was the more difficult team for his Spartans to face? His answer may surprise you...

Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook told BTN Live on Monday that the best moment of the season was beating Michigan, and the toughest team the Spartans played was Oregon...

"Oregon was a great great opponent, great offense, great defense, they had the uptempo offense that was pretty hard to stop. They have a great defense with a great front seven, talented DBs, and playing in Autzen (Stadium) was very difficult as well.''

Michigan State lost to Oregon 46-27, while the Ohio State was a bit closer, 49-37. Many may have expected Cook to stump for his Big Ten conference-mate, but according to him, Oregon was the tougher test. 

Michigan State has another huge opponent coming up this winter. The Spartans will face Baylor on January 1 in the Cotton Bowl.