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Could The NBA Suspend Steph Curry For Game 7 Of The Finals?

Here we go again. Another Warriors player - this time, surprisingly, Steph Curry - is embroiled in controversy after a questionable action on the court during the NBA Finals. Could Curry be facing a one-game suspension for his actions?

If you missed it, late in the fourth quarter of Game 6, Curry, after fouling out on what he thought was a bad call, threw his mouthpiece to the sideline in frustration. But the mouthpiece, likely by accident, hit a Cleveland fan sitting court side. Here's video:

Like everything else in sports, there is precedent here - but that still doesn't make the league's decision easy. As evidenced by this YouTube video, both Udonis Haslem and Amir Johnson threw mouthpieces and received one-game suspensions in the past. The only difference? Both threw it at the referee.ESPN's Brian Windhorst doesn't believe the league will suspend Curry. He believes that by precedent, Curry will only be facing a fine.

">June 17, 2016

">June 17, 2016

Obviously, with Curry out, Golden State would be in real trouble. But it doesn't look like that's going to be the case - unless something changes in the coming days.