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Darron Lee Is Upset With Ohio State Fans Who Are Trashing The Team's New Black Jerseys

Thursday night, photos of Ohio State's black jerseys, which will be worn against Penn State on October 17,

Source tells me, despite missing Nike logo on chest and tag, that these are Ohio State's new black jerseys:

— Andrew Lind (@AndrewMLind) October 2, 2015

" target="_blank">were leaked online. Some Buckeyes fans love them. Others do not. Linebacker Darron Lee is in the former camp.

Friday morning, Lee, clearly frustrated with fan reaction to the new threads, took to Twitter to vent. He wants "haters" who doesn't like them to "shut up." He also called them "too fresh."

Here's a photo of the jerseys, via Andrew Lind of the Tidewater News.

">October 2, 2015

While anyone is certainly entitled to their opinion on uniforms, the most important thing - at least for schools - is that players and recruits like them. That seems to be the case here.