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Darron Lee's Mother Quit Her Job To Become Her Son's Manager

Darron Lee, who played linebacker at Ohio State from 2013-2016, was selected No. 20 overall by the New York Jets in this past April's NFL Draft. When he turned professional, however, he did not need to find himself an agent. He already had one.

According to Ken Gordon of The Columbus Dispatch, Lee's mother, Candice, put in her 90-day notice the day after her son was drafted to become his manager. She worked as a reporter and a weekend anchor at WCMH and will be wrapping up her career with the company on July 27. Here's more:

“I want to be there for many of his games,” Candice said, “and working weekends would not be conducive to traveling to see him play. Plus, it was time – I have been in the business for 19 years.”

Lee is calling his mother, appropriately, his "mom-ager." Pretty cool.

Lee will make his debut with the Jets on September 11 against the Cincinnati Bengals.