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Watch: DEA Agent Jon DeLena Speaks To Ohio State Football Team

DEA agent Jon DeLena speaks in front of a group of people.

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Assistant Special Agent Jon DeLena of the DEA gave a presentation to the Ohio State football team on the dangers of drugs today.

Earlier today, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer had DEA assistant agent Jon DeLena speak to his football team about the dangers of drug abuse.

"I'm not going to show a bunch of people that are dead and try to scare a bunch of kids," DeLena said in a video released by the OSU football program on Twitter. He continued, "we're losing 150 Americans a day. It's too many." He then went on to tell players to "keep your heads on a swivel," especially in party situations where drugs might be prevalent.

You can watch part of DeLena's talk below:

"It's what it's all about," DeLena said at the end of his talk, "making good decisions, making healthy decisions.With the tradition of Ohio State comes responsibility."

DeLena is the most recent speaker in Meyer's program called "Real Life Wednesdays," a tradition Meyer started in his last year as head coach at Florida, but carried over when he became head coach of Ohio State. During spring semester every year, Meyer will bring in a variety of speakers that address various issues that player might encounter in life after their football days are over.